Forklift Service and Parts

A Formula to Keep Your Forklift Fleet Moving

Crown offers a variety of service and parts programs to ensure you receive maximum value for your investment and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Real Results

Uptime Increases With Crown Forklift Service Plan
“Brian is the tech assigned to our facility. He’s taking care of our equipment like it’s his own – truly a partner.“

-Tim Joyce, Facility Manager

Integrity Service System

There’s much more to service cost than just the price of a service call. Crown’s Integrity Service System tracks multiple factors that impact the effectiveness of your service program. Technician response time, first-call fix rates and service and parts availability all directly affect the productivity of your fleet.

Trust a service plan from a program designed to help you succeed, the Crown Integrity Service System. From Time and Material plans to Complete Maintenance, a Crown service plan provides maximum performance.

A forklift repair expert
Battery service technician

Battery & Charger Service

There’s more to maximizing uptime than just maintaining your forklifts. Crown’s professional service technicians are also trained to service and maintain forklift batteries and chargers, providing a one stop shop to keep your fleet moving. Through a combination of visual inspection, battery cleaning and measurements for each cell, your Crown service technician can help extend the life of your batteries and chargers, and avoid unexpected repairs and downtime.

Crown Service Request App

Request forklift service on the spot when you need it with one easy connection to Crown’s superior service experience.

The Crown Service Request app provides a fast, convenient way to request service from your smartphone or mobile device. You can also track the progress of your requests from start to finish, right from the app.  Learn More.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Dual Phones with the Service Request App

Crown Integrity Parts

The goal of any service program is to maximize uptime and lower operating costs.
Long-lasting Crown parts support these goals by providing hassle-free operation and reducing the frequency of parts repair and replacement.

Our rigorous qualification process confirms that Crown Integrity Parts meet specific design, manufacturing and material standards to help ensure they provide consistent, dependable performance and long service life.

Smart design, quality materials and an integrated system of performance ensure long-term value with less downtime and lower overall costs.

Service and Parts Total Cost of Ownership

Long-term value increases when total cost of ownership is reduced.
Our Integrity Parts and Service System is designed to work together to minimize your cost of ownership over the life of the forklift.

Increase your uptime and productivity.
Discover what makes Crown Integrity Parts and Service different.

Innovative, ergonomic product design

Superior quality and accessibility of Crown Integrity Parts

Unmatched Crown Integrity Service and proven training and technical support
various parts offered through Crown Integrity Parts

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Crown’s One Source Lift Truck Parts program offers quality replacement parts for more than 50 brands of material handling equipment, keeping your mixed fleet moving. We carefully select replacement parts using the same criteria we do when making our own parts.

If you’re looking for quality replacement parts to keep your fleet moving, you can trust the thousands of parts found in the One Source Lift Truck Parts program.