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Reaching New Heights in Productivity

With excellent lift heights, capacities, visibility and energy savings, the Crown family of narrow aisle reach truck forklifts can help you move and store materials efficiently.

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Crown Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks

Crown reach forklifts are typically used in narrow aisle applications where storage density and material handling productivity requirements are high.

RM/RMD Series

MonoLift Mast Reach Truck

Capacity: Up to 4,500 lb
Lift Height: Up to 505 in

Applications: Bulk Storage, Narrow Aisle, Rack Storage, Transport

RR/RD Series

Reach Truck

Capacity: Up to 4,500 lb
Lift Height: Up to 442 in

Applications:  Bulk Storage, Narrow Aisle, Rack Storage, Transport

ESR Series

Sit-Down Reach Truck

Capacity: Up to 4,500 lb
Lift Height: Up to 534 in

Applications: Bulk Storage, Dock Work, Narrow Aisle, Rack Storage, Transport

Reach Trucks for Many Applications

Crown reach forklifts support a wide range of demanding applications in warehousing, manufacturing and distribution, especially in high-bay storage environments.

Crown's MonoLift Mast is proven to lift heights all the way to 505". In many warehouses, this means the unused top racks are finally accessible, enabling 15 percent more pallet positions.

Rack Storage Application Scene

Crown’s leadership in narrow aisle applications means customers can count on reach trucks that take advantage of every inch.

Narrow-Aisle Application Scene

Moving full pallet loads requires the easy maneuverability and outstanding visibility of Crown’s side-stance reach trucks. Comfort and safety features provide operators with the confidence to perform all shift long.

Bulk Storage Application Scene

Speed and durability go full force for applications that require transport of loads within the warehouse or in preparation for movement outside the warehouse. You can rely on the heavy steel frame and forks of Crown counterbalance stackers.

Transport Application Scene
Rack Storage Application Scene
DualMode R 1000 Series Automated Reach Truck

Considering Automation?

The Crown DualMode R 1000 Series Reach Truck features the capacity and stability of the MonoLift mast while delivering industry leading lift and lower speeds.

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