V-Force Forklift Chargers, Batteries and Accessories

Power Solutions for Material Handling Applications

Our goal is to provide a highly integrated solution in which forklifts, batteries, chargers and ongoing support work together to help optimize efficiency and uptime. 

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Lithium-Ion: Next-Level Power

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems deliver more efficiency, longer run times and surprising value when compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Opportunity charging enables one battery to run nearly 24 hours a day and eliminates the need for battery swapping.

V-Force Lithium battery
v-force motive power battery chargers

Lead-Acid: Proven Performance

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteries deliver time-tested reliability for light to heavy duty cycles, from one to three shifts -- depending on power usage. Conventional, Opportunity and Fast Charging are supported, providing reliable, affordable forklift battery power.

Deep Cycle & Starter Batteries

V-Force Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries utilize heavy internal construction to provide durability, longevity and solid performance. Thick plates and a rugged cell design enable V-Force batteries to deliver high productivity and return on investment in tough applications.

Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries

V-Force Battery Chargers

v-force v-hfm3 charger
V-HFM3 Chargers

V-HFM3 Series’ scalable design accommodates changing business needs and future technology growth, including lithium-ion batteries.

v-force v-hfe3 battery charger
V-HFE3 Chargers

V-HFE³ Series chargers offer the same technology and efficiency as the HFM³ Series but at a competitive price point.

v-force v-110 battery charger
V-HFM Chargers

Crown V-HFM Series Chargers deliver efficiency, programmability and application flexibility.

Forklift Battery and Charger Accessories

Crown offers everything you need to power your fleet – including a wide range of
forklift battery and charger accessories that help make it easy to keep your lift trucks on the move.

Made with heavy-duty steel frames these stands free up valuable floor space, securely anchoring to the floor. Monitoring devices, mounting brackets and charger cables available.


Charger Stand

Water your lift truck batteries safely and in less time, with less labor, using V-Force single point watering systems, float system kits, direct all tanks, watering carts, water deionizers, water quality testers, battery watering guns, spider injection systems for accelerated watering and replacement parts.

Battery Watering

The optional BMID module is designed to mount on top of a lead-acid battery. It records all battery events including temperature, charge and discharge cycles, plus it detects low electrolyte level and communicates the need to water. During charging, the BMID monitors voltage and temperature, and then adjusts charge rate for optimum performance.

Battery Monitoring Identification Device (BMID)

Our full range of cables and connectors include leadhead cable assemblies, fast charge leadheads, battery caps, terminal protectors and power cables and accessories.

Cables & Connectors

Your choice of standard models as well as smart models that use LED lights and sound to indicate when electrolyte levels are good or water is needed, and even a remote model for batteries that never leave the truck.

Battery Acid Indicators

Secure cables during charge and help protect and prolong connector life. Choose from battery pogo sticks, tender kits, cable retractors, magnetic cable holders and more.

Cable Management
Charger Stand

V-Force Energy Solutions


Energy Consulting

Crown motive power specialists can assess your business’s motive power needs to tailor a solution that raises your productivity while improving energy efficiency.


Comprehensive System Support

Crown’s robust network of trained technicians care for you all the way, from maintaining your lift trucks to providing comprehensive battery and charger service to keep you running.