Order Pickers

Taking Performance to the Next Level

Crown can help enhance your mid- and high-level order picking process – both on the ground and at high elevations. The outstanding driving performance, stability and ergonomics of our order pickers allow operators to work safely, productively and confidently.

Man Up Forklift Hero

Crown Man Up Order Pickers

Crown man-up forklifts are available across a range of sizes and capabilities for a variety of medium and high-level picking applications, especially within narrow and very narrow aisle warehouses. Crown man-up order pickers raise the operator along with the load platform to provide direct access to stored inventory for small parts, case and full pallet picking.

SP Series

High Level Order Picker

Capacity: Up to 3,000 lb
Lift Height: Up to 366 in

Applications: Order Picking, Narrow Aisle, Very Narrow Aisle

TSP Series

Very Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

Capacity: Up to 3,300 lb
Lift Height: Up to 675 in

Applications:  Order Picking, Rack Storage, Very Narrow Aisle

WAV Series

Work Assist Vehicle

Capacity: Operator Up to 300 lb, 200 lb Load Tray, 250 lb Load Deck
Lift Height: Up to 118 in

Applications: Order Picking, Very Narrow Aisle

Man-Up Order Pickers for Most Any Application

Crown man up forklifts support a wide range of demanding applications in warehouse, manufacturing, distribution and more.

Speed, stability and ease are paramount in demanding order picking situations. Crown man-up forklifts are designed to expedite each task and get more work done.

Low-Level Order Picking Application Scene

Crown’s deep understanding of narrow aisle applications results in order pickers designed to help you make the most of every inch.

Narrow Aisle Application Scene

Tight aisles and soaring heights are familiar territory for Crown’s man-up turret trucks and forklifts. Each is designed for efficient operation in very narrow aisles, whether case picking or handling full pallets.

Very Narrow Aisle Application Scene

Crown’s man-up forklifts support high-bay rack storage applications with excellent operator visibility, precise controls, and fast lift and lower speeds to help ensure productive and safe material movements.

Rack Storage Application Scene
Low-Level Order Picking Application Scene

Take Low-Level Order Picking to Another Level

Speed and efficiency are crucial to success in demanding low-level order picking applications. Crown pallet trucks are available in a variety of walkie and rider configurations, with intuitive design and controls to help operators maneuver and pick with ease.

Low Level Order Pickers

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