Integrity Service System

Crown’s System of Performance

The ability to send the right technician, at the right time with the right part is a true indicator of cost savings and real value for our customers.

Crown service technician performs maintenance on Crown narrow aisle reach truck

Quality Forklift Service Plans

Give your forklifts repair and preventative maintenance with your choice of several service plans. Crown offers maximum performance and savings through programs tailored to your business needs.

Time and Material

Helps manage every aspect of lift truck repair, including planned
and routine maintenance. Monthly repair bills are less predictable, so
budgeting is more challenging.

Planned Maintenance

Covers the fundamental forklift maintenance that should be performed to ensure safe and proper operation.

Full Maintenance

Includes Planned Maintenance and all routine maintenance repairs.
Full maintenance does not cover wheels, tires, light bulbs, or repairs
that are the result of misuse or abuse.

Complete Maintenance

Covers Full Maintenance and abuse repairs up to a prearranged
threshold. This is Crown’s most comprehensive planned maintenance

Real Results

Inregrity Service System Helps Cut Costs, Downtime

“Downtime is huge. We don’t have the luxury of extra equipment, so if one unit is down, that’s a big deal. Crown’s full service maintenance has saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the years.”

– Mike Wentland, Vice President of Operations

Forklift Service Backed by a System of Performance

Service differs significantly from one lift truck service provider to another and an initial low labor rate doesn’t mean lowest cost of  ownership over time—it’s the labor frequency of  consumption and the  support behind the system that truly counts. You need a system of performance that is deliberate and efficient and offers the lowest  overall cost. We call it the Crown Integrity Service System. It’s built on a system of performance.


Crown service technician with fully equipped Crown service van

Trust Your Lift Truck Repair to Your Local Experts

Crown knows that uptime is your priority, and forklift repair costs your business more than just time and materials. Crown technicians bring expertise and dependability to your forklift repair and maintenance efforts. We invest in the latest technology and technician training to:

Monitor service call response times

Track first-call ratio

Ensure that service vans are stocked with Crown Integrity Parts and One Source Lift Truck Parts

Provide consistent service across the nation

Proven to Deliver Reliable Performance

Rely on Crown Integrity Parts to provide reliable performance for our lift trucks. Compare our parts with other service providers and you’ll find that other providers aren’t able to offer the same quality or availability. Crown’s ongoing testing of look-alike parts consistently finds major flaws including poor fit and obsolete designs that often lead to potential system damage, or issues with performance and safety.

Crown Integrity Parts:

Are evaluated and tested to meet the performance specifications of Crown lift trucks.

Last two-to-three times longer than look-alike parts saving you service costs.

Are stocked and properly managed at Crown retailers across the country to help you avoid costly downtime.

We also use the same expertise to select and offer other lift truck parts through our One Source Lift Truck Parts Program.

Crown lift truck undergoing testing and evaluation to meet performance specifications

Forklift Services With Measurable Performance

Crown assures excellent forklift maintenance service for each of our customers, with the most extensive factory support in the industry. This allows us to diligently and routinely monitor our performance to ensure you receive the best service and the best parts in a timely manner. We understand that downtime costs your company money so we work hard to ensure a fast response time and excellent first time fix rate.

Several key business measurements have been established to guide Crown’s system of performance:

Thorough maintenance history review to determine usage, abuse areas, targeted operator training opportunities and cost-saving potential

Prompt, reliable repairs

Quick response with technicians dispatched with the latest Crown training and technical information

GPS-tracked service vans

Service vans stocked with Crown Integrity Parts and One Source Lift Truck Parts

Routine review of equipment condition, part replacement frequency and technician performance

Reliable customer service with Crown's factory call center

98% off-shelf parts availability with Crown's well-managed inventory

Eliminate downtime and keep your fleet moving.