Crown Integrity Parts

Proven Performance.
Lasting Value.

You expect your forklift fleet to run as well or even better than it did before it was serviced. Why risk experiencing increased downtime and higher costs by replacing quality OEM parts with replacements that are untested or inferior to the original? You can trust your business to Crown Integrity Parts.

The Integrity Parts Advantage

Crown designs and builds up to 85% of the components in its forklifts. Our product development and manufacturing expertise enables us to specify and qualify quality forklift parts for consistent performance and long life. Your frequency of parts consumption is a very real part of your total cost of ownership. When crown integrity parts last longer and perform better, your cost is reduced.

Start your system of performance and savings by choosing Crown Integrity Parts and you can expect:


Productivity by Design

Crown Integrity Parts are designed to precise standards and specifications to work together to support the performance of the entire forklift system. The results are integrated functionality with increased uptime, fewer repairs and replacements, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Built to Last Longer

Crown parts are built with proven materials that are stronger, last longer and fit better. Longer life leads to lower frequency of consumption, which can reduce the cost of parts and downtime for replacement.

Qualification Proves Crown’s Value

Crown’s rigorous and comprehensive qualification process verifies the quality of Crown Integrity Parts. Detailed and extensive evaluations are designed to ensure that each Crown Integrity Part meets the specifications to provide consistent performance and long service life.

A Total System of Performance

Each Crown forklift part is an integral component that contributes to the whole lift truck’s system of operation. Working together to support increased productivity, Crown Integrity Parts deliver performance every day and value over the long term for our customers.

Man scans inventory of Crown replacement parts

On-Site Parts Consignment Program

Our consignment program provides an inventory of Crown parts in the customer facility on a pay-as-used basis. This allows customers to reduce costs by eliminating inventory management, parts procurement labor costs, parts obsolescence loss, freight costs and downtime.

Parts Usage Analysis 

Replacement parts can account for up to 50 percent of total maintenance costs. Your Crown dealer can provide your maintenance management team with a routine overview of your forklift parts usage over time to help you understand your overall cost.

This provides the fleet owner with a detailed understanding of the most significant elements of fleet maintenance costs, along with recommendations for cost reduction and increased uptime.

Employees work to help fleet owners save on maintenance costs

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