Material Handling Solutions

Your Complete Material Handling Provider

Take control of your operations and rely on Crown for all of your material handling needs. Our solutions go beyond the lift truck to help you optimize your operations for increased productivity and long-term value.

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Connected Solutions

A connected facility integrates equipment, technology and people to capture and share data in real time. Connectivity can take your entire operation to new heights of performance and profitability by planning for and preventing disruptions and empowering your employees with operational insight.

Automation Solutions

Automation is the future of material handling. Crown's integrated automation solutions can help solve today's warehouse challenges and provide a scalable approach to prepare you for resource, productivity and efficiency challenges still to come.

Automation solutions include the QuickPick remote
Crown V-Force Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

Crown's V-Force Energy Solutions can simplify your energy program, not only as a single source for a comprehensive selection of batteries, chargers and power accessories, but also as a knowledgeable partner that understands how forklifts can consume and conserve power.

Fleet Management

Crown fleet management solutions support better decision-making and improve bottom line results by helping you identify issues, set goals and measure success in all of your operations.

Identify Issues

Set Goals

Measure Success

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Financing Options

Managing your fleet means managing your investment, especially when business fluctuates and seasons change. We offer flexible financing options that enable you to get the equipment you need with terms that fit your business. Click below to learn more about buying, leasing, or renting options that can meet your short-term or long-term needs.

Warehouse Solutions Design

Our team of experts can help you move and store product more efficiently with a warehouse design that fits your specific business needs. Our designers can assist with planning new warehouse construction and warehouse renovation that can reduce costs and improve efficiency. In addition, we offer a full suite of warehouse products that align with your warehouse design. 

A warehouse solutions expert designs a layout for a customer's needs