V-Force V-HFE3 Forklift Battery Chargers

Increase Your Efficiency and Return on Your Charger Investment

Crown V-HFE3 Series Chargers provide energy efficiency, long battery life and high reliability at an economical price.

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Achieve Efficiency with Ease

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Power Savings

The V-HFE3 charger offers more efficiency over the entire charging cycle. Save thousands of dollars over the life of the battery compared to traditional Ferro and SCR chargers.

Charge Efficiency

With the ability to achieve 97 percent efficiency over an entire charge cycle, reduced amp draw rates result in lower charging costs.

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Easy Configuration

V-HFE³ Charger series provide voltage ratings of 24, 36, or 48 volts with the ability to charge multiple amp hour ranges.

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Improve Forklift Battery Health

IEI (constant current – constant voltage – constant current) charge profile reduces the amount of heat generated during the entire charge cycle, minimizing battery-damaging heat. By monitoring the battery’s change in voltage over time, the charger prevents the battery from over and under charging, increasing your battery and charger efficiency.

An Intelligent Charging Assistant

Smart sensors and intelligent displays, including automatic voltage sensing and color LED indicator lights, make charging easy, safe and reliable. Automatically apply the correct charging profile upon connection without the use of a monitoring device.

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Easy to Move, Easy to Install

The V-HFE³ Charger is a fraction of the size and weight of traditional chargers, making it easier to install in tight warehouse quarters. Its smaller footprint occupies less space so your charger space can also be used more efficiently. A universal mounting bracket is included that enables you to mount the charger to a charger stand, wall, shelf or rack. Its light weight makes it easy to move and easy to store.

V-HFE Series Forklift Battery Charger Models

HFE Charger

Single phase charger available in 24 or 36V. With conventional amp hour ranges between 300-1050AH. AC input of 208 or 240 volts.

HFE3 Charger

A three-phase charger available 24/36/and 48V. With conventional amp hour ranges between 300-1375AH.  AC input of 208/240/480/600v.

V-HFE Forklift Battery Charger Options and Accessories

(1) The Mounting Bracket offers the ideal mounting solution for FS3 size charger cabinets, supporting up to 50 lbs while allowing the charger to be mounted from the rear, side or bottom of charger.

(2) The L-Bracket is used in conjunction with pogo sticks to secure cables off the floor and within easy reach.

Mounting Bracket, L-Bracket

The versatile design offers multiple configuration options to install chargers at the point of use, freeing up warehouse floor space. The stands are anchored to the floor and the chargers placed at optimal working height.

V-Force battery charger stand

Pogo sticks are used in conjunction with charging stands to securely store battery cables away from the floor.

Provides operators with easy access at an optimal work height while preventing wear and tear on cables and connectors.

Pogo sticks help keep battery cables off the floor
Mounting Bracket, L-Bracket

Support You Can Count On

With a nationwide network of service locations, Crown offers integrated support solutions for lift trucks, chargers and batteries. Ask Crown about an individualized energy consultation and receive recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.

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