V-Force Lead-Acid Forklift Batteries

Power to Count On

With a lower initial cost than other battery technologies, V-Force lead-acid batteries can provide a cost-effective power solution for a range of duty cycles, including multi-shift operations. Pair with a V-Force charger for a fully integrated solution.

Flat Plate Lead Acid Battery

Flat Plate Lead-Acid Forklift Batteries

This traditional time-tested battery design for electric
lift trucks features:

  • Robust design for durability in rough applications
  • More active material for greater performance and capacity
  • Heavy grid construction to limit corrosion
  • Five-layer wrap to minimize positive active material shedding
  • Lower initial cost

Tubular Lead-Acid Forklift Batteries

This advanced lead-acid technology increases the surface area of
active material, improving productivity and extending runtimes for
multi-shift applications.

Tubular batteries also feature:

  • Flexible bolt-on inter-cell cable connectors for easy maintenance,
    higher current delivery with less internal resistance and lower
    operating temperatures
  • Fully insulated flex connectors and post bolts to reduce arcing and
    lead exposure
  • V-LA1120 Series – Standard Low Maintenance cells that hold more water, reducing watering frequency and maintenance costs
  • V-LA1130 Series – High Capacity cells for increased run time for high duty cycle applications
Tubular Lead Acid Battery

What is The Right Charging Method for Your Application?

A thorough power study of your application will yield information on lift truck utilization, usage patterns, energy consumption and available charging opportunities, which can help determine which charging method(s) are best for your application. These Crown blog entries provide more information about each method:

Conventional Charging

Optimize Your Battery’s Life Expectancy with Conventional Charging

Fast Charging

Eliminate Downtime by Utilizing Fast Charging

Opportunity Charging

When One Full Charge Isn’t Enough, Consider Opportunity Charging

Forklift Battery and Charger Care

Battery Watering System

Battery Watering

Extend the life of the heart of your lift truck with V-Force single point battery watering systems and accessories.

Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

Record all battery events including temperature, charge and discharge cycles with a Battery Monitoring Identification Device (BMID).

Cable Management

Cable Management

Preserve the life and performance of battery cables and connectors during charging with flexible cable management solutions.

V-Force Energy Solutions


Energy Consulting

Crown motive power specialists can assess your business’s motive power needs to tailor a solution that raises your productivity while improving energy efficiency.


Comprehensive System Support

Crown’s robust network of trained technicians care for you all the way, from maintaining your lift trucks to providing comprehensive battery and charger service to keep you running.