Reach Truck - ESR Series

Real Performance Is Within Reach

The ESR 1000 Reach Truck with Xpress Lower technology doubles lowering speed to improve cycle time and increase productivity while regenerative lowering reduces energy consumption.

Built-in connectivity provided by the Gena operating system provides operators, managers and service technicians with a connected, data-rich environment that's more human, personalized and interactive. 

ESR Reach Truck

The Human Connection

The Gena operating system used in the ESR 1000 reach truck makes vital performance data easy to see, understand and use, with a 7'' color touchscreen and widgets designed to convey information at a glance.

Your operators are part of an increasingly diverse workforce. Gena operating system displays are programmable in 25 different languages and informative widgets to help operators reach new levels of productivity.

Service technicians benefit from detailed event histories for all reach truck functions. They can use the truck display for enhanced diagnostics, including step-by-step troubleshooting, setup and calibration.

ESR Series reach forklift maneuvering aisles and turns with ease
Crown's InfoLink system has real-time access to operational data

Intelligently Connected

The ESR 1000 reach truck, including integrated wireless hardware, allows for easy downloading of system updates and enabling of Crown's InfoLink system for real-time access to operational data. 

  • The wirelessly-upgradeable Gena operating system allows for quick and timely updates so you operate at the most productive levels.
  • Crown's InfoLink Fleet Management System uses the Gena operating system to provide your organization with a rich source of real-time performance data to help monitor and manage compliance, impacts, utilization and productivity.

Work Smarter and Faster at Height

On an ESR reach truck, operators work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity. ESR 1000 models feature various combinations of advanced hydraulics and motors, programmable features, intuitive displays, one-touch controls and camera options that all work together to optimize performance

  • The optional Xpress Lower technology lets you double lowering speeds, resulting in substantial savings in time and money.
  • The optional Auto Height Select feature automatically stops the forks at programmed rack heights to avoid product, rack and truck damage while improving throughput.
  • The Tilt Position Assist option compensates for mast and carriage deflection and automatically levels forks relative to the ground for more precise positioning.
Work Smarter and Faster at Height
ESR Series reach forklift makes safety personal

Making Safety Personal

The ESR 1000 reach truck makes safety even more personal with ontruck reminders, automated assistance and dynamic coaching that provides contextual guidance to help increase operator awareness. Consider it like an onboard virtual coach.

Clear interactive displays, automated assistance and coaching, context-sensitive alerts, pre-programmed safety reminders and unobstructed views further enhance performance and productivity.

The optional Capacity Data Monitor provides accurate load weights, lift heights and capacity limits at a glance. Color-coded visuals are designed to alert the operator of current status, so they stay within safe load limits.

Excel in Extreme Environments

Operators work comfortably in low temperatures with the ESR Series' optional climate-controlled cabin without the need for a break to warm-up. Along with a rugged steel structure, the cabin features a thermostatically-controlled heating system and airtight windows.

Design features throughout the reach truck help maintain durable performance in harsh, corrosive environments.

  • Chassis seams and studs are coated with a wax-based corrosion preventative compound.

  • Silicon sealer is applied to all exposed electrical connections.

  • An additional layer of paint is applied to the motor compartment.

  • Clear varnish is applied to all steel components in the motor compartment for extra protection.
ESR Series reach forklift excels in extreme environments

Make it Personal

Ergonomics and personalization play a vital role in improving productivity. Operators of an ESR reach truck
can choose the optimal position for control, visibility and workflow.

All models of the ESR Series include adjustability for suspension seat height/weight and forward/reverse seat position. Seat tilt and lumbar support are also adjustable, as are steering tiller height and horizontal position.

The ESR 1000 adds D4 Armrest height and horizontal adjustments and display screen inclination.

A great fit for both small and large operators.

ESR Series include adjustability for suspension seat

The ESR Series reach trucks' offset mast gives the operator a better view of the load wheel, fork and pallet. The optional panoramic glass of the ESR 1000 enhances visibility and provides a superior debris shield.

ESR Series reach trucks' offset mast gives the operator a better view

Integrated into the armrest, the ESR 1000 reach truck's optional display navigation knob provides a convenient alternative to the touchscreen.

Accessories such as worklights and seat heater are controlled from auxiliary switches in the armrest control panel of the ESR 1000.

navigation knob provides a convenient alternative to the touchscreen

The operator-focused design of the D4 Armrest helps operators achieve more with adjustability, adaptability and ergonomic comfort.

A choice of fingertip, dual lever or multi-task controls allows you to customize your reach truck based on application needs and operator preference.

D4 Armrest with a Choice of Hydraulic Controls
ESR Series include adjustability for suspension seat

ESR 1000 Series Model Types

The ESR 1000 Series features the Gena operating system, which enhances the reach truck's performance and makes crucial information easy to see, understand and use. Operators can boost their throughput with advanced productivity features and built-in InfoLink connectivity hardware.

Narrow Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck
ESR 1020 Narrow Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck

This narrow-chassis reach truck is ideal for confined spaces, drive-in racks, narrow rack aisles and block stacking applications.

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  • Load Capacity

    3,000 - 3,500 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    358 in

  • Power

    48 V / up to 930 Ah

  • Head Length

    45.9 - 56.3 in

  • Width Overall

    44.1 in

Standard Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck
ESR 1040 Standard Chassis Sit-Down Reach Truck

This standard-chassis reach truck is well-suited for lower-level lifting while providing excellent operator comfort.

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  • Load Capacity

    3,000 - 3,500 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    372 in

  • Power

    48 V / up to 775 Ah

  • Head Length

    46.7 in - 52.1 in

  • Width Overall

    50.6 in

Heavy Duty Sit-Down Reach Truck
ESR 1060 Heavy-Duty Sit-Down Reach Truck

This heavy-duty reach truck is available with capacities up to 4,500 pounds. An optional cold store cabin is available for extreme temperature environments.

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  • Load Capacity

    3,000 - 4,500 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    534 in

  • Power

    48 V / up to 1,085 Ah

  • Head Length

    50.4 - 58.6 in

  • Width Overall

    50.6 in

Key Options and Accessories

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteries offer the advantages of lower initial cost than other battery technologies and proven, trusted performance for light to heavy duty cycles, from one to three shifts. With proper maintenance, they can support conventional, opportunity and fast charging, delivering reliable energy when it’s needed.

Lead-Acid Power

Use traditional lead-acid batteries, or choose from lithium-ion batteries for shorter charging time, unlimited opportunity charging and simplified battery management.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The camera (mast or fork mounted) and color monitor improve the operator's visibility at height.

ESR Series sit-down reach truck color camera system

A choice of overhead guards allows you to personalize your reach truck to meet your application needs: angled, at, extended, drive-in rack, low clearance or clear glass.

ESR Series reach forklift Overhead Guards

ESR reach trucks with the Gena operating system can be equipped with a USB charging port, suitable for charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

USB Charging Port

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
Lead-Acid Power