Forklift Total Cost of Ownership

Crown’s Formula for Your Success

When you combine Crown's durable lift trucks with world-class service and quality OEM parts, you'll see why Crown customers have a formula for a low total cost of ownership.

Crown service technician performs maintenance on forklift

Service Is Not a Commodity 

With some low labor rate providers, you're simply a source of repair revenue. That's why you can't judge service on one area alone. For example, parts might cost less from a look-alike parts supplier, but Crown Integrity Parts® typically last two to three times longer, providing greater savings. Low hourly rates can also be deceiving. 

The ability to fix it right, with the right part, on the first call is a better indicator of cost savings. Other important factors that contribute to a low forklift maintenance cost include responsiveness, parts availability, factory warranty and a close relationship with your lift truck manufacturer. This is how Crown defines quality service.

Frequency of Consumption

The more frequently you replace a part, the more expensive it becomes. The cost of replacement parts and labor hours add up quickly. Every Crown customer who has learned this basic fact has discovered the secret to getting the biggest savings on parts – stop buying so many parts. 

When you compare and calculate the difference, you’ll see the savings. You’ll also discover that no look-alike parts on the market give you better performance or longer service life than Crown Integrity Parts.

Service technician fixes wheel on Crown lift truck
Operator increases uptime on counterbalance forklift with Crown Integrity Service System

More Uptime All the Time

Since operator labor comprises up to 77 percent of your total cost of ownership, it's easy to see why downtime is the enemy. By combining the quality of Crown lift trucks, replacement part accessibility and proven technical service, we can offer a lower total cost of ownership by increasing operator uptime.