Warehouse Racking and Storage Solutions

Improve the Efficiency of
Your Racking and Storage

Making the most of your warehouse space is a common challenge and choosing the right warehouse rack system is critical. Crown can help determine the right combination of warehouse racking solutions to fit your space and your storage requirements.

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A Customized Approach to Your Warehouse Storage Needs

One size does not fit all: To operate at top efficiency, every facility should have a customized warehouse racking solution designed to fit the materials stored, the method and frequency of movement and more. Crown specialists can analyze your material and workflow and recommend the right combination of storage systems for your business.

Known for its heavy load capacity and flexible design, selective warehouse racking is typically configured in back to back rows with each accessible from an aisle.

Warehouse Selective Rack

Helps increase storage density by storing two pallets deep on each level, with each level being fully accessible.

Warehouse Double Deep Rack

Allows for higher-density storage by storing multiple pallets deep on each level with each pallet loaded from the front. Works best in high-productivity operations with frequent stock turns.

Push-Back Rack

In flow-thru warehouse rack systems, pallets are loaded from one side, stored in multiples deep and roll to the opposite side of the rack for easy access. Works best in first-in, first-out operations.

Flow-Thru Rack

This semi-automated deep lane system utilizes an integrated cart to transport pallets loaded by the lift truck at the lane entry into the deep lane. Works well in applications with high-volume SKUs, helping to increase productivity by minimizing lift truck travel.

Pallet Shuttle Rack

These higher density warehouse racks store pallets in multiple depths and have either one entry/exit point (drive-in). Drive-in racks are suited for last-in, first-out operations.

Drive-In Rack

Utilizes columns and cantilever arms rather than rails, making it ideal for storing long material. Features open access to facilitate loading and unloading.

Cantilever Rack

These high-density storage systems integrate different types of warehouse rack storage solutions into multiple levels to store inventory for picking and fulfillment of orders with greater efficiency.

Pick Modules
Warehouse Selective Rack
Installation Services

Installation Services

Let Crown coordinate and manage the installation process from start to finish utilizing an extensive network of trusted installation professionals that meet Crown’s rigorous standards. Their close proximity and breadth of installation expertise means you'll have ready access to highly qualified warehouse solution experts that understand how to help you achieve your storage objectives.

Warehouse Racking System Accessories

The rack provides the foundation but there are many other pieces that contribute to the total warehouse rack system. From protection devices to supports and decking and even labels and signs, your Crown Warehouse Solutions Specialist can provide every component of a complete system, down to the finest detail.

Wire Decks

Pallet Supports

Guard Rails

End of Aisle Protector

Post Protectors

Bull Nose

Flue Keeper

Rack Backing


Labels and Signs

Racking Accessories

Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity
by 48 Percent

“Company wide, I figure we had about a 48 percent increase in our capacity due to the racking installation.”

Michael Santucci

Operations Engineering Manager - Menasha

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