Increase Warehouse Capacity and Productivity with the Right Racking and Forklift Solution

Increase Storage Capacity by 48 Percent

Maximize Productivity

Customized racking designed and created for each specific location enables Menasha to optimize both horizontal and vertical space in their facility.

Optimize Workflow

Thoughtful rack design matches the type of storage to the stock movement, ensuring it follows the most efficient path both into and out of the warehouse.

Improve Efficiency

Matching lift truck capability to each warehouse application ensures operators have the right tool for each job and allows them to work more efficiently.

“Company wide, I figure we had about a 48 percent increase in our capacity due to the racking installation.”


Michael Santucci

Operations Engineering Manager – Menasha

ARI Packaging Operations Engineering Manager


Menasha is a provider of primary and secondary packaging services for large consumer product goods (CPG) companies. Over the course of 11 years the company has grown from 40,000 square feet to four locations totaling 1.5 million square feet. At the Minooka, IL site the main focus is Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays and end load cartons.



Menasha is a fast growing business facing increased storage requirements from its customers. Originally, the company floor loaded all of their inventory and, when more space was needed, they simply acquired more floor space. The increased space resulted in higher costs, but also created inefficiencies when inventory was located in deep, hard to get to locations. The company knew it was time to utilize the height of its warehouse to its fullest potential.


Menasha’s management consulted with Crown on a warehouse racking design that would optimize both the vertical and horizontal space in their warehouse. Crown’s Warehouse Solutions personnel also analyzed stock movement within the warehouse and suggested racking that allowed for more efficient movement of that material. Once the racking design was complete, Crown also provided guidance on the best lift trucks to be deployed for each application, ensuring that the company’s stand-up counterbalance trucks provided lift height to support putting heavy, loaded pallets into its newfound storage place. The racking and lift truck solution resulted in a 48 percent increase in storage capacity, ensuring that Menasha is not only prepared to more efficiently handle today’s business but to accommodate growth that is still to come.