QuickPick Rapid Order Picking Technology

Go Remote to Improve Productivity with Less Effort

Crown’s exclusive QuickPick Rapid boosts order-picking productivity by saving the operator up to five seconds per pick slot.

Revolutionize Your Workflow and Save Time

 A typical order picker steps on the operator platform approximately 1,200 times each shift. Crown's QPR eliminates up to 70% of this activity. With the simple press of a button on the QuickPick remote, the order picker remotely advances the lift truck to the next pick location, allowing the operator to minimize steps and remain in the optimal pick position.

QuickPick Traditional Process
Traditional Process
QuickPick Semi-Automatic Process
Semi-Automated Process

Fewer steps equates to a savings of up to 5 seconds per pick slot. The result is operators can accomplish more picks per hour. While pick rates vary, customers have realized up to 25% increase in productivity within the aisle.

Promote Safety, Reduce Damage

Beyond productivity gains, placing the operator in an ideal pick location behind the pallet truck contributes to increased safety. QuickPick Rapid’s Auto Steer Correction and Obstacle Detection also help reduce damage that can be associated with frequent manual pallet truck movement.

QuickPick Auto Steer Correction
Auto Steer Correction

System technology senses the pallet truck’s proximity to objects, such as racking, and automatically adjusts travel path. The result is less damage and fewer picking interruptions.

QuickPick Obstacle Detection
Obstacle Detection

Integrated lasers are designed to detect obstacles in the pallet truck’s path and automatically apply the brakes to stop travel. The result is less damage to product and racking.

QuickPick Wearables Management

Wearable Management Simplified

Crown's QuickPick Rapid is an easy-to-use system that includes a Fast-Charge Ring wireless remote and On-Truck Charger for increased operator uptime.

  • Five second pairing at shift start-up
  • Five seconds to recharge any time during the shift
  • No dedicated space or management time required
    for charging remotes

Boost Order Picking Productivity

Crown’s QuickPick Rapid is a game-changing innovation in low-level order picking – a fast-paced, physically demanding job.

Lessen operator fatigue

by eliminating steps in the picking process

Promote Safety

by enabling operators to work from behind the truck

Help reduce damage

with steer correction and obstacle detection

Increase operator productivity

by picking more orders in less time