WP Series Electric Pallet Jack

Built for Survival

Crown's WP Series combines application flexibility with toughness and strength to meet the demands of daily warehouse operation. It's compact design, maneuverability and durability also make it ideal for handling deliveries with ease. That’s outstanding performance both at home and away.

WP Series electric pallet jack

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WP 3200 Electric Pallet Jack

wp series raised forks

Built Rugged. Guaranteed Tough.

The WP Series electric pallet jack is engineered and built to endure constant jolts to the undercarriage, thousands of pallet entries and exits, abrupt direction changes and harsh environments. Only Crown has the confidence to include a Five-Year Power Unit and Fork Weldment Guarantee.

WP Series electric pallet jack heavy-gauge steel undercarriage

Heavy-gauge steel throughout the chassis, side panels, and power unit cover.


Robust drive unit with powerful AC motor, cast iron gearbox, helical gearing, and taper bearings.

Cast aluminum handle with structural webbing for increased strength and lasting durability while operating in tight spaces.

Heavy-duty C-channel fork design and boxed-in fork tips for strength and long life.

Replaceable steel wear blocks protect the undercarriage when driving over uneven surfaces, sharply angled dock plates or while operating on lift gates.

Handle With Ease

Handle with Ease

Maneuverability and control are vital to safety, productivity, and comfort when working with heavy loads in tight spaces. That's where Crown's WP 3225 with innovative X10® Control Handle, position speed control, vertical tiller drive, and our responsive approach to truck stability set the WP Series apart.

  • 4,500 lb capacity

  • Shorter head length (20.2 in) aids in maneuverability on lift gates and enables easier pinwheel turning

  • X10 handle with contactless sensors provides long life in temperature controlled, cooler or freezer environments and carries an IP67 Ingress Protection rating

Power To Perform

The WP Series is available with Crown's V-Force 24-Volt Integrated Lithium-Ion System, which provides more efficiency and longer run times than traditional lead-acid batteries.

  • The battery management system extends battery life by preventing abuse and operation outside of warrantied conditions

  • Early warning alerts to protect and extend battery pack life

  • Opportunity charging without risk of battery damage

  • Sealed on-board charger

  • Display showing battery state of charge level and warnings
WP Power to Perform

Operator Preferred

The WP Series electric pallet jack enables operators to maneuver heavy loads in tight spaces with precision and confidence, thanks to the durable, cast aluminum X10 handle, precise AC traction system and a comprehensive approach to truck stability.

Crown's X10 Handle offers advanced ergonomics so operators experience less fatigue and can work more efficiently. Position speed control enables maneuvering in tight spaces with the handle nearly vertical. In addition, vertical tiller drive allows for finely-tuned positioning with the handle completely vertical.

The WP Series electric pallet jack X10 handle

The AC traction system delivers responsive acceleration, smooth direction changes and precise control so operators can quickly and confidently transport and position loads. A ramp hold feature improves operation on ramps and inclines. A programmable rabbit/turtle switch provides two levels of selectable performance to match operator experience or the task at hand. 

WP Series electric pallet jack AC traction system

Crown’s superior stability system couples dual lift cylinders with a heavy-duty torsion bar so operators can easily maneuver off-set or tall, unstable loads over sloped and uneven surfaces.

WP Series electric pallet jack stability system
The WP Series electric pallet jack X10 handle

Real Results

WP Series Brings Reliable Performance To Docks
“With some of the machines we’ve used, we’d have breakdowns and they just weren’t reliable. The units in our Crown fleet keep us moving and they have proven to be a perfect fit to what we need these machines for.”

-Jim Leonard, Regional Operations Manager

WP Series Model Types

WP Series electric pallet jack
WP 3200 Electric Pallet Jack

The WP Series walkie electric pallet jack lifts and transports up to 4,500 lb in applications ranging from over-the-road deliveries to food manufacturing to large scale distribution operations.

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  • Load Capacity

    4,500 lb

  • Power (Electric)

    72 - 300 Ah

  • Width Overall

    27.9 in

  • Head Length

    20.2 - 24.4 in

  • Nominal Fork Length

    36/42/48 in

Electric Pallet Jack Options and Accessories

The Crown WP Series offers a variety of power options, and a fully automatic on-board charger provides a convenient charging solution. Battery compartment sizes vary with the power option selected.

Options include:
    •   Lead Acid
    •   Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL)
    •   Lithium-ion

WP Series pallet truck battery options

The steel-constructed load backrest stabilizes loads and prevents unexpected pallet movement.

WP Series load backrest

Drive tire options, including polyurethane, rubber and non-marking, accommodate virtually any application need. 

WP Series drive tire

The keyless on/off switch eliminates problems and expense with broken or lost keys.

WP Series pallet truck keyless on/off switch

The drive/tow switch disengages the drive unit to allow maneuvering of the truck without power.

WP Series pallet truck drive/tow switch

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

WP Series pallet truck work assist accessories

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
WP Series pallet truck battery options