PE Series Walkie Rider Pallet Truck

Tough Truck. Proven Value.

As the preferred end rider pallet truck for more than two decades, the Crown PE Series pallet jack features materials, components and systems designed for structural integrity and exceptional performance.

Operator using Crown PE series walkie rider pallet truck for order picking

Real Results

Operator Control And Comfort Made A Focus in PE Rider Pallet Truck
“When the operators are using the Crown PE Series, they are pleased with the design, pleased with the strength of the machine, and pleased with the durability. Going in and out of trucks, they feel less rattled, less beat up at the end of the day.”

-De’Nell Beard, Warehouse Manager

Superior Performance in Any Environment

Engineered to a higher standard and proven to thrive in harsh environments, the PE Series walkie rider pallet jack excels at dock work, transporting, order picking and more.

The powerful Crown-built AC Drive Motor is specifically engineered for lift truck applications. It delivers greater torque for improved acceleration and smoother plug reversals. 

Operator unloads a truck using a Crown PE series end rider pallet truck
Internal components of Crown PE series walkie rider pallet jack

Unmatched Strength Where It Matters Most

Heavy-gauge steel throughout, structural reinforcements and the industry’s largest drive unit provide unmatched durability – even in the toughest applications.

Heavy-duty all around means this PE Series end rider pallet truck is durable enough to outlast even the toughest of tasks.

Crown’s exclusive traction control system and heavy-duty drive unit support consistent uptime, year after year in the most demanding of applications.

Ergonomics Excellence for Optimal Results  

Crown’s hallmark attention to design means operators can do more faster with the comfort, stability, and flexibility to perform at peak – even during grueling shifts.

Crown’s PE Series control handle includes urethane-covered twist grips with dual textures and a unique “cam” provides secure, comfortable grip for improved travel activation and steering control.

Crown’s patented Quick Coast option provides a convenient switch pad for rapid activation.

Operators can operate the PE series rider pallet jack comfortably due to an ergonomic design
Operator moves loaded pallets using PE series and walkie rider pallet jack with double length forks

PE Series Walkie Rider Pallet Trucks, the Smartest Choice for Lasting Value

Robust components, integrated performance monitoring, advanced diagnostics and Crown’s Integrity Service System mean fewer repairs, easier maintenance, and less downtime for longer life and lower cost of ownership.

With Crown’s vertically integrated manufacturing and aftermarket services, total cost of ownership can be substantially lower over time.

PE Series Model Types

PE Series walkie rider pallet jack
PE 4500 Walkie Rider Pallet Truck

The PE Series walkie rider pallet truck is a heavy-duty, electric power lift truck that can be used as a walkie or rider truck for low-level order picking, loading, unloading and transporting.

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  • Load Capacity

    6,000 - 8,000 lb

  • Power (Electric)

    24 V / 330 - 930 Ah

  • Head Length

    36.7 - 43.2 in

  • Width Overall

    36 in

  • Nominal Fork Length

    36 - 144 in

Walkie Rider Options and Accessories

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteries offer the advantages of lower initial cost than other battery technologies and proven, trusted performance for light to heavy duty cycles, from one to three shifts. With proper maintenance, they can support conventional, opportunity and fast charging, delivering reliable energy when it’s needed.

Lead-Acid Power

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity, with technology that provides more consistent power output throughout the entire battery discharge cycle. Shorter recharge times and better charge acceptance characteristics make them great alternative power solutions for opportunity and fast charging applications.

lithium ion battery

The QuickPick handle allows operators to quickly advance the lift truck to the next pick location while walking beside the truck for increased efficiency.

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck QuickPick handle

The Quick Coast control is conveniently located on the grab bar to activate the coast feature at the push of a button.

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck Quick Coast Control

Electronic power steering improves lift truck control and maneuverability while enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck electronic steering

The torsion bar with quick adjust casters improves truck and load stability when moving tall, heavy loads.

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck torsion bar with quick adjust casters

Drive tire and load wheel options accommodate virtually any application need. 

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck drive tires with load wheel options

Crown Work Assist accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

PE Series walkie rider pallet truck work assist accessories

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
Lead-Acid Power