MPC Series Order Picker with Mast

Versatility by Design

One truck for a multitude of tasks – that’s the Crown MPC Series order picker. With counterbalance engineering, ergonomic design and mast options, it is versatile enough to do the work of stackers, counterbalance forklifts and pallet trucks.

Crown MPC series order picker with mast in a warehouse application

Application Versatility

From dock to stock, the MPC Series order picker with mast is a truck for every task

On the dock, it functions like a pallet truck. Position and move materials quickly and safely with excellent visibility, precise control and counterbalance design.

MPC order picker truck in a dock application

When transporting, it moves like a pallet truck with smooth, strong performance, sensor-controlled speed and acceleration, and electronic power steering.

MPC order picker truck in a pallet transport application

With a high-lift mast and adjustable forks, the MPC Series order picker handles stock replenishment and retrieval like a stacker/counterbalance truck, eliminating the need for additional equipment to accomplish the task.

MPC order picker in a stock replenishment application

The MPC Series excels in low-level order picking with the added benefit of enabling the operator to position the pallet at an optimal height to reduce bending and stretching.

MPC order picker truck in a pallet transport application
MPC order picker truck in a dock application
The MPC order picker optimizes visibility and operator comfort

Built for Comfort

The MPC Series order picker with mast optimizes order picking by allowing operators to raise and lower the forks so they can build pallets at a safe and comfortable height. 

Nested I-beam construction and fork carriage design provides optimal visibility through the mast. In addition, a spacious operator compartment and a low step height offer ample room and comfortable truck entry and exit.

Productivity Booster

Crown’s QuickPick Remote is a revolutionary innovation in low-level order picking. With a wireless remote and on-truck sensors, this patented technology enables operators to work from behind the truck. In studies, it has been shown to eliminate up to five seconds per pick, saving time, money and operator fatigue. It can also help promote safety and reduce damage with steer correction and obstacle detection.

GPC Series order picker with QuickPick Remote order picking technology
Angled view of Crown's MPC series order picker forklift

A Lifetime of Value

Operators can confidently handle full-capacity loads at height with the built-to-last I-beam mast design of the MPC Series.

A durable, heavy-gauge steel skirt and covers protect valuable truck components and reduce truck damage in congested environments and demanding applications. Large, sturdy load wheels extend load wheel life and are designed for easy access and quick replacement.

MPC Series Model Types

MPC Series order picker with mast
MPC 3000 Order Picker with Mast

The MPC order picker offers greater flexibility with its counterbalance design and high-lift mast.

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  • Load Capacity

    2,600 lb

  • Max Lift Height

    169 in

  • Power (electric)

    24 V / 750 Ah

  • Head Length

    66.6 in

  • Width Overall

    41.8 in

Order Picker with Mast Options and Accessories

Lift and lower buttons in the backrest offer additional vantage points for positioning loads – both on and off the truck.

MPC Series lift/lower buttons in backrest

The fold-down lean seat provides postural relief for long travel distances to keep operators comfortable.

Order picker fold-down lean seat

The plexiglass cover provides additional operator protection without blocking upward visibility.

MPC Series order picker forklift plexiglass protection for overhead guard

A wide range of Work Assist Accessories can be combined and tailored to enhance operator comfort.

MPC order picker work assist accessories

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
MPC Series lift/lower buttons in backrest