Crown Forklift Safety Videos

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Whether you're an operator, pedestrian, warehouse manager or just planning a visit to a facility full of forklifts, use these video resources to learn more about forklift safety, not just for yourself but for those who also work around you.

Forklift Safety

Crown offers forklift safety videos designed to supplement its comprehensive MoveSafe Operator Training programs available for specific forklift models. These videos can be used to help reinforce safety principles delivered via formal in-person and web-based operator training.

Stand-Up Rider Safety

Crown’s Stand-up Rider Operator Safety Video reinforces basic information regarding safe operation in and around fixed objects, on loading docks and in other circumstances where lift truck stability can be affected.

This video is a supplement to the operator manual that is shipped with Crown’s stand-up rider lift trucks and does not cover all aspects of lift truck safety. It is not intended to be a substitute for the complete operator training program which your employer is required to provide. Operators should read and understand the lift truck's operator manual warning labels. No one should operate powered industrial equipment unless trained and authorized to do so.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian training is an important piece of a comprehensive lift truck safety program for employees and for visitors to your facilities. Crown offers comprehensive pedestrian training including two online resources you can incorporate into your own employee orientation and visitor programs.

Pedestrian Safety Training Module

Crown’s Pedestrian Safety Training Module
helps employees who work around material handling equipment increase forklift safety awareness by:

Learning about unique forklift operating characteristics, such as the wide power unit swing when turning

Understanding the reasons for separation of pedestrians and forklifts and how to maintain a safe distance

Recognizing the importance of eye contact and communication between pedestrians and forklift operators

Visitor Safety Awareness Video

Crown’s Visitor Safety Awareness Video
shares proper safety practices when visiting a facility which utilizes material handling equipment by:

Cautioning visitors to always remain alert and maintain a safe distance, even when equipment is not moving

Identifying the unique operating characteristics of material handling equipment

Encouraging visitors to become familiar with the facility’s work rules for material handling equipment

Web-Based Training to Empower Your Workforce

Combine a learning management system and the streaming capability of our wide range of model-specific MoveSafe Operator Training options to empower your operators. Streaming enables them to complete training at a pace consistent with their individual knowledge and experience, allowing both operators and trainers to train more efficiently.

LMS Training Demo

A Comprehensive Approach to Forklift Safety


Today's dynamic, fast-moving warehouses require a safety program that includes multiple contributors to forklift safety.

Training Programs

Training Programs

Crown offers training for a variety of roles, including those who operate, manage, repair and work near forklifts.

Safety Resources

Safety Resources

A successful safety program includes many different components. You’ll find some of them here.

Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Shop online for a wide selection of safety products including seat belts, lanyards, harnesses and personal protection items.