FC Series Sit-Down Counterbalance Forklift

Precision, Power and Productivity

The Crown FC Series features an ideal combination of precision, power and productivity. Industry leading maneuverability, plus a wide range of accessories and capacities, enable the FC Series to meet even more of your material handling needs.

FC Series Electric Counterbalance Forklift

Big Moves in Small Spaces

Dual drive motors turning in opposite directions, along with steer axle geometry designed for maneuverability, enable the FC Series sit-down counterbalance forklift to navigate tight turns in small spaces. 

The short head length small turn radius allows for a larger battery in a small, nimble chassis. That means more power, longer runtime and more uptime, with reduced battery changes for multi-shift operations. When equipped with V-Force lithium-ion batteries, one battery can handle multiple shifts, reducing battery maintenance and even eliminating mid-shift battery changes. 

FC5700 Manueverability

Comfortably in Control

Operators of all shapes and sizes can achieve a personalized fit on the FC Series counterbalance forklift. With more headroom and leg clearance, operators enjoy easy entry and exit. Low effort steering, optional full suspension seat and multiple storage options provide comfort and convenience throughout the entire shift.

The optional D4 Armrest provides one-handed height and fore/aft adjustment for all-day comfort. It can be used with manual control levers or configured with one of four integrated bionic control options for precise truck control and efficient product movement.

Confidence-Inspiring Operator Assistance

Crown’s Access 1 2 3 operating system, coupled with our exclusive Intrinsic Stability System, provides operator assistance features that build confidence while supporting safety and reliability.

  • Travel and corner speed control dynamically adjusts travel speed limits based on load weight, lift height and steering angle.
  • Ramp speed control maintains travel speed and momentum on declines.
  • Hill hold maintains lift truck position, controls tilt and manages sideshift on inclines.
  • Tilt interlock prevents the forks and mast from rising above free lift when tilted more than two degrees forward.
Confidence-Inspiring Operator Assistance

Designed for Durability

All Crown lift trucks are engineered, designed and manufactured for long-term performance. The FC Series sit-down counterbalance forklift is no exception. 

Durable Steel Steer Axle

The FC Series' durable steel steer axle is built to withstand constant punishment in harsh applications. Steer linkage design reduces tire wear while improving taper roller bearing life.

Thick Steel I-beam Mast Design

A thick steel i-beam mast design with rugged mast carriage and a strong load backrest, enable the FC Series counterbalance forklift to handle loads while resisting bending and twisting in virtually any direction.

Crown-built AC motor

The FC Series' Crown-built AC motors ensure enhanced performance and reliability, while eGen braking  virtually eliminates brake maintenance.

Real Results

“We’ve eliminated 90% of the downtime… being proactive to make sure we are doing the maintenance checks and having the trucks serviced regularly, we’ve been able to keep it to a minimum.”
Nick Sanchez

General Manager - Bland Distribution


FC Series Model Types

4-Wheel Counterbalance Forklift
FC 5700 4-Wheel Sit-Down Counterbalance Forklift

The FC Series is a sit-down counterbalance forklift with best-in-class maneuverability and strength. It can handle tight docks, transport, using attachments and stacking in racks.

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  • Load Capacity

    4,000 - 6,500 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    312 in (Quad)

  • Power (Electric)

    36 - 48 V / 880 - 1,650 Ah

  • Width Overall (Standard tread/Wide tread)

    43.9 - 45.7 / 47.5 - 48 in

Sit-Down Counterbalance Forklift Options and Accessories

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteries offer the advantages of lower initial cost than other battery technologies and proven, trusted performance for light to heavy duty cycles, from one to three shifts. With proper maintenance, they can support conventional, opportunity and fast charging, delivering reliable energy when it’s needed.

Lead-Acid Power

V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems can improve performance and productivity, with technology that provides more consistent power output throughout the entire battery discharge cycle. Shorter recharge times and better charge acceptance characteristics make them great alternative power solutions for opportunity and fast charging applications.

lithium ion battery

The optional D4 Armrest features easy, one-handed adjustment of up/down and fore/aft positioning to fit nearly any operator and provide all-day comfort. Use with manual levers or with one of four integrated bionic controls - Fingertip, Dual-Lever, Mini-Lever or Combination.

FC Series D4 Armrest

Our full range of attachments, including options for a carton clamp, slip sheet push-pull, fork positioner, double fork and side shifter, can handle a variety of loads.

FC Series stacking pallets with optional attachment

The Crown FlexSeat is the widest, most durable seat on the market. It reduces stress on pressure points through improved materials and design.

The Full Suspension Seat includes an optional 15-degree pivot function, giving the operator better visibility in every direction while maneuvering the lift truck.

Crown ergonomic seat options

Work Assist Accessories are designed to make the operator's job faster, easier and more productive.

FC Series work assist accessories

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
Lead-Acid Power