C-G/C-D Series Pneumatic Tire
13,500 - 20,000 lb Forklift

Strength and Durability

Crown's high-capacity, internal combustion, pneumatic tire forklifts are designed to deliver power and versatility to conquer tasks in rough environments. Backed by Crown’s proven service and support network to ensure they are ready to tackle the tough jobs day after day.

C-G C-D series

Internal Combustion Performance You Can Count On

Crown's high-capacity, internal combustion forklifts feature durable parts and components, designed for strength, performance and longevity in tough outdoor environments.

The 94 HP, LPG-powered V6 engine of the C-G Series delivers power and performance. A counter-rotating balance shaft ensures smooth operation.

4.3 Liter V6 LPG Engine

The C-D Series' 108 HP diesel engine provides high torque at low rpm, with a low-maintenance gear-driven valve train for reliability.

Doosan 3.4L Engine

A dual-element air cleaner and optional precleaner reduces temperatures and protects and extends powertrain life.

Dual-Element Air Cleaner

The C-G/C-D Series dual braking assemblies are fully enclosed to prevent outside contamination and include a 5-year, 10,000-hour warranty, providing exceptional stopping power and long life.

Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes
4.3 Liter V6 LPG Engine
Top View of C-G Series Interior

Designed With the Operator in Mind

Crown's C-G/C-D Series high capacity forklifts offer enhanced comfort features that reduce operator fatigue and strain. With one of the most spacious operator compartments in the industry, C-G/C-D Series high-capacity forklifts offer a standard suspension seat and hydraulic controls well within reach.

Take productivity to the next level with features that include:

  • Clear view mast and overhead guard design
  • Large mirrors
  • Easy-to-read gauges
  • Wide-open legroom
  • Tilt steering column
  • Suspension seat

Service With Ease

The C-G/C-D Series makes maintenance easy with tool-less access panels to help minimize downtime and allow for hassle-free planned maintenance. Electrical components are integrated and placed at the front of the engine compartment for easy access.

Service with Ease

High-Performance Versatility By Design

Various standard and optional features enable Crown's C-G/C-D 13,500-20,000 pound pneumatic tire forklifts to adapt to multiple applications. From features that protect critical components in extremely harsh environments to carriage options that handle various load types, C-G/C-D Series high-capacity forklifts can be optimized to fit the demands of your operation.

High-Capacity Internal Combustion Forklift Model Types

CG LPG 60-70

Crown's C-G Series 13,500 pound and 15,500 pound LPG pneumatic forklifts combine industrial features, operator-centric design and Crown's extensive network of support to deliver a better experience for the operator and performance.

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  • Load Capacity

    13500 - 15500 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    238 in

  • Engine

    4.3L V6 PSI LPG

CD Diesel 70
CD60-90 Diesel

Crown's C-D Series 13,500 to 20,000-pound diesel pneumatic forklifts combine industrial features, operator-centric design and Crown's extensive network of support to deliver a better experience for the operator, providing the tools to exceed throughput expectations year after year.

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  • Load Capacity

    13500 - 20000 lb

  • Max. Lift Height

    257 in

  • Engine

    3.4L Inline 4 CYL Doosan Diesel

High-Capacity Forklift Options and Accessories

Optional cabin combines visibility, protection and comfort. Options for air conditioning, heat, panoramic mirror, fan and rearview camera enhance the operator experience.

Hard Cabin

As a standard feature, all diesel models include a manual tilting operator compartment for ease of serviceability. A power tilting compartment is available as an option.

Tilting Cab

Ergonomic option provides easy access to change LPG tanks.

Dual Tank Brackets

Our full range of attachments, including options for a fork positioner, rotators, single double, sideshifter and coil rams can handle a variety of loads. (Integral side shifting fork positioner shown).

Fork types offered: block and lumber.

Attachments and Fork Types

Hydraulic accumulator protects and stabilizes the load to reduce product damage.

Carriage Options

Extended warranty options for major components and wearables offer long-term protection and peace of mind. Choose from coverage up to five years that best fits your usage and application.

Crown Extended Warranty
Hard Cabin